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pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy Announcements Ideas: 22 Creative Photos to Inspire You

by Jennifer Lim
Pregnancy announcements run the gamut from understated to outrageously creative. And with announcement photos trending on social media sites such as Facebook, parents are challenging themselves to come up with uniquely personal and often funny ways to share their big news. Here's some inspiration to help get you started: Fun Props + Artful Staging = Winning Pregnancy Announcements The creators of these photos demonstrate how you can create stunning images using fun props that may likely be lying around in your house right now. Our "hi-we're-alcoholics-and-now-going-to-be-parents" Announcement! My Announcement! Get the entire family involved If your baby will be joining [...]
diaper raffles baby shower

Diaper Raffles & “Books in Lieu of Cards” Requests: Top Etiquette Tips

by Jennifer Lim
Popular examples of baby shower “special requests” include diaper raffles and baby gambling pools, all of which are listed upfront in the invitation. In my social circle, it is not unusual to include a “books in lieu of cards” request in the shower invitation. Personally, I get excited thinking about the treasured books from my childhood that I can pass on to be enjoyed by the Mother-to-Be and her baby. If you decide to include these optional activities in your invitation, keep in mind the following considerations: CONSIDERATIONS FOR THE MOTHER-TO-BE: DIAPER RAFFLES: The PROS: The parent(s) get to experiment [...]
baby shower thank you notes

Baby Shower Thank You Notes: 5 Tips on Thank You Etiquette

by Jennifer Lim
When your Baby Shower's over, you'll be busier than ever preparing for your Little One's welcome. Here are 5 helpful tips on how to make writing your baby shower thank you notes more manageable: HINT #1: When to Mail Out Baby Shower Thank You Notes Aim to get your thank you cards out as soon as you possibly can -- ideally, within two weeks of the baby shower. An exception to this is if a guest has mailed you her gift in advance of the baby shower. In this case, send her your thank you card ASAP. Not only does this [...]
new mom gifts

New Mom Gifts: 7 Must-Have Items After Giving Birth

by Jennifer Lim
Baby Registries often include traditional new mom gifts that are cute and/or practical items, like baby tubs, changing pads, crib sheets and strollers. But there is another side to motherhood, and this wisdom may only be imparted by veteran Mothers who have “been there, done that”. Helping the new mother stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible is the best gift a baby can have. While these new mom gifts may not elicit any “oohs and aahs” during a baby shower gift opening, they have emerged as tried-and-true “lifesavers” during postnatal recovery: DISCLOSURE: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. This [...]
how to get a baby to sleep

How to Get a Baby to Sleep: 4 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

by Jennifer Lim
Learning how to get a baby to sleep is a must-have skill for any new Mother. Invest in baby shower gifts that will save her sanity during those first few months with her newborn. Here are top-rated, mom-approved gifts the special Parent-to-Be in your life may not know about now, but will be thanking you for later! DISCLOSURE: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. This means that when you click through to buy a product, BabyShowerForBoys.com earns an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. 1. Learn How to Get a Baby to Sleep: Watch "The Happiest Baby on [...]
baby shower registry ignored by guests

Baby Shower Registry – What if Guests Ignore It?: 4 Ways to Handle Off-Registry Gifts

by Jennifer Lim
You may have curated the perfect baby shower registry. You're probably counting on each of your guests adhering diligently to your gifting guidelines. Even so, "Registry Renegades" - guests who buy off-registry - do exist. While this may be a neutral non-issue for some Mamas, for others it may arouse feelings of "gift return" stress. So here are 4 tips to help you handle off-registry gifts: TIP #1: Adjust Your Expectations & Plan Accordingly if Guests Don't Buy From Your Baby Shower Registry It's best to think of a baby shower registry as a checklist for the parent(s)-to-be: It helps them [...]
baby shower dresses

Top 3 Incredibly Flattering Baby Shower Dresses

by Jennifer Lim
Hey Mama - searching for pretty maternity baby shower dresses? Feeling comfortable doesn't have to mean looking frumpy, especially when it comes to special occasions like your shower or even romantic date nights out. The last thing a pregnant woman wants to feel is hot, itchy or chafed, which is why choosing baby shower dresses made of natural fabrics is key. Look for cotton or sateen as well as blends such as cotton/spandex which combine breathability and softness with the stretch needed to show off that growing baby bump. Cotton is also more durable in the long run when compared [...]