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baby shower venues

Baby Shower Venues: 10 Fun Conventional & Non-Conventional Places

by Jennifer Lim
Deciding where to hold the baby shower depends on various factors including seasonality, available facilities / amenities, parking, and guest count. While a home atmosphere is a popular choice for baby showers, there are many non-traditional baby shower venues (both indoor and outdoor) to consider as well, ranging from elegantly themed rooms at the museum to enchanting, immaculately maintained gardens at your local church. For showers requiring a larger space, consider exploring your local fire or union halls, as well as the “parks and recreations” offerings in your city. Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect location [...]
diaper raffles baby shower

Diaper Raffles & “Books in Lieu of Cards” Requests: Top Etiquette Tips

by Jennifer Lim
Popular examples of baby shower “special requests” include diaper raffles and baby gambling pools, all of which are listed upfront in the invitation. In my social circle, it is not unusual to include a “books in lieu of cards” request in the shower invitation. Personally, I get excited thinking about the treasured books from my childhood that I can pass on to be enjoyed by the Mother-to-Be and her baby. If you decide to include these optional activities in your invitation, keep in mind the following considerations: CONSIDERATIONS FOR THE MOTHER-TO-BE: DIAPER RAFFLES: The PROS: The parent(s) get to experiment [...]
baby shower gift opening

Baby Shower Gift Opening: 4 Tips to Make It Fun!

by Jennifer Lim
A Baby Shower Gift Opening is generally regarded as a "must-have," especially for guests who have put a lot of thought into their gifts and are excited to see them being opened. But there are some anxieties that may come along with it, too: Depending on her comfort level, the Mother-to-Be might feel a bit anxious being the "center of attention" during the gift opening. Or some guests may find themselves glancing at their watches if it drags on for too long. So here are some tried-and-true tips on making this activity run smoothly while actually being fun: TIP #1: [...]
photo booth ideas for baby showers

Photo Booth Ideas: 6 Easy Steps to Creating a Baby Shower Photo Booth

by Jennifer Lim
Looking for some fun photo booth ideas for your baby shower? I co-hosted my friend Mimi's Baby Shower back in December 2014 and thought a "Photo Booth" would be a fun way for each Guest to have a special "one-on-one" photo moment with the Mama-to-Be. It was a great hit! Thankfully, putting one together was much easier than I thought it would be. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can put one together for your next Baby Shower: DISCLOSURE: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. This means that when you click through to buy a product, BabyShowerForBoys.com earns [...]
when to have a baby shower

When to have a baby shower?: 4 Tips On Timing It Just Right

by Jennifer Lim
So you've volunteered to be "Baby Shower Hostess" for your relative or close friend.  Now the big question is "when to have a baby shower"? I've been through the planning process myself as a "Co-Hostess" and was fortunate enough to enjoy a completely drama-free, co-creative experience from start to finish. You may have a date and time in mind for your Shower, but in case you have any doubts, here are some tips to help guide you on timing the Shower just right: HINT #1: How far along in the Mother's pregnancy is the best time to throw a baby [...]